Get to Know Jessica Rich OF J. Rich Events

Get to Know Jessica Rich OF J. Rich Events

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Jessica Rich, Executive & Life Coach of J. Rich Events in Lewisville, TX.

Industry: Coaching

What do you do, and who do you serve?

I am senior leader in corporate America, as well as an executive & life coach for women.

Could you tell us the story behind your business? What inspired you to start this venture, and what makes it unique?

Through my own personal self-care, self-love and healing journey, I discovered how to implement boundaries in my personal and professional life and find a place of peace.

I’ve always been passionate about helping others and my journey led me to focusing on women and helping them become a better version of themselves and find that balance and natural “glow” that most people recognize about me.

How does your business contribute to the local community? Are there any social or environmental initiatives you support or participate in?

I am currently hosting my first event, “I Choose Me: Self-care, Self-love and Healing Women’s Conference” on July 29th. Since July 2022. I’ve been hosting months Women’s Improvement Calls for free, to create a safe space and discuss various topics with women.

Can you share a memorable success story or a positive customer experience that highlights the impact of your business?

The moment a client realized they on their happiness and success and not society.

How can potential customers find you online or offline?

Contact me on our website: or

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