Get to Know Pamela Nelson of Bracane

Get to Know Pamela Nelson of Bracane

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Pamela Nelson, CEO of Bracane in Plano, TX.

Industry: Healthcare Research

What do you do, and who do you serve?

Bracane provides full research operation support services in a customer-centric business model for Project Management, Health Wellness Programs, and Health Outcomes Research. Our expertise is Project Support/ Rescue; we intervene in ongoing projects facing challenges with enrollment or site access issues, bringing in new team members, project managers, or site support to restore momentum and ensure successful outcomes. Our clients are pharmaceutical/biotech, medical device companies, insurance companies, and government agencies

Could you tell us the story behind your business? What inspired you to start this venture, and what makes it unique?

I started the company as a place to provide minorities a platform to learn about the clinical research industry, understand disparities in health, and how research can make a difference. The other challenge was to ensure that there were professionals in the industry that were diverse and ready to provide the treatment and participate in clinical trials.

How does your business contribute to the local community? Are there any social or environmental initiatives you support or participate in?

We hire from within the community. We also have a non-profit focusing on health literacy and disseminating information on healthcare practices. Our program- Fit for Service Wellness provides health coaching for chronic illnesses to ensure people have access to opportunities and resources to reduce or prevent chronic diseases.

Can you share a memorable success story or a positive customer experience that highlights the impact of your business?

We have several- however, we are usually required to not share details of clients specifically. However, we have one client that we started to work with during the COVID-19 pandemic where we had to develop protocols for self-tests for COVID-19. Our client had an emergency use authorization for the product but needed to gain approval to remain on the market post-COVID-19. We were able to provide the support needed to develop the protocols and meet the regulatory submissions and set up the clinical testing sites.

How can potential customers find you online or offline?

Contact me on LinkedIn, on our website: or call the office directly at 469-814-0658

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