Dallas, Mesquite ISD Get New Security Rule: Clear Backpacks

Dallas considers clear backpack mandate for school safety

When Mesquite ISD announced that all students would be required to carry clear backpacks and clear lunch bags to school this year, mom Elizabeth Rodriguez-Ross wasn’t happy. 

“I didn’t like it because we didn’t have any input as a parent,” said Rodriguez-Ross. “I also thought it was going to be another financial hardship that I was gonna have to undertake.”

In a statement to CBS News Texas, Mesquite ISD said, “While clear bags may not prevent all prohibited items from entering our buildings, in general, clear bags are a deterrent or obstacle to those who intend to violate campus rules.”

CBS News Texas asked Dr. Alex del Carmen, a criminologist at Tarleton State University, if he thinks clear backpacks will make schools safer.

“To say that that clear backpacks are going to make such a difference that we don’t have to worry about school shootings anymore, or threats to a school; It would be obviously an overstatement,” Dr. del Carmen said. “But to say also that they’re not going to help, you know, we have no evidence to suggest that either.”

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