Texas Adds 4 Million to State Population Since Pandemic

Collin County Courthouse

The state has gained over 1,290 new Texans per day since the pandemic, according to Tuesday’s livestream of the 2023 Texas Demographic Conference.

“Texas added more population than any other state. We added almost 4 million,” Dr. Lloyd Potter, Texas State Demographer, said.

While the state continues to experience net-domestic migration from other areas in the U.S. and rural parts of Texas, The Texas Triangle, which consists of the state’s core urban areas of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio, comprise about 87% of the population in Texas, due to their significant growth.

“That highlights a dichotomy in terms of population density, and dynamics where west of I-35, where we’re losing population in many of the counties at the same time,” Dr. Potter said. “These counties and the population triangle is really driving us to be the most significant state of the country.”

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