Pastor with Ties to Plano Accused of Murdering Child in PA in 1975

(L-R) David Zandstra, Gretchen Harrington Photo credit Delaware County District Attorney

A retired pastor who reportedly once had ties to Plano has now been arrested in the murder of a little girl in Pennsylvania nearly a half-century ago.

Reverend David Zandstra is now 83-years-old. In 1975 he was the pastor of a church in a Philadelphia suburb where an eight-year-old girl named Gretchen Harrington vanished and whose skeletal remains were found several months later.

Reports say Zandstra was questioned but police did not have enough evidence to make any arrests. But now, 48 years later, a woman has brought forward a childhood diary in which she recorded allegations that Zandstra molested her during a sleepover with her friend, Zandstra’s daughter.


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