Get to Know Lisa Bloskas & Emily Hohenstein of Willow Bend Title Company

Get to Know Lisa Bloskas & Emily Hohenstein of Willow Bend Title Company

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to Lisa Bloskas & Emily Hohenstein, founder, and president, respectively, of Willow Bend Title Company in McKinney, TX.

Industry: Real Estate – Title & Escrow Services

What do you do, and who do you serve?

Willow Bend Title Company™ is a female-founded, locally-owned title company that brings 30+ years of real estate industry experience to our closing table. Our bilingual staff of escrow experts is available to assist you with your real estate closing and title insurance needs both in our office located in the great city of McKinney or anywhere in the state of Texas via our RON and mobile services.

Could you tell us the story behind your business? What inspired you to start this venture, and what makes it unique?

Our tagline is “Realtor Founded. Realtor Focused.” This was inspired by the fact that our founder Lisa Bloskas, started Willow Bend Title Company after working as a real estate agent herself for many years and experiencing the pressures and stress that realtors go through to get their transactions to the closing table. Knowing firsthand the frustration she experienced with “all hat, no cattle” title companies, Lisa was determined to raise the bar to give the Texas real estate industry a locally owned, title company that truly fit the saying of “not your average title company.”

With the realtor-based pain points in mind, Lisa worked closely with our President, Emily Hohenstein, to mirror our processes around the qualities that helped her when she was an agent: over-communication, exceptional service, and a client-focused attitude for each and every transaction that is closed. At Willow Bend Title Company, you are not just another transaction in a stack of paperwork. We are determined to give each of our clients seamless, one-on-one boutique service by managing projects with the skills and experience they have always wanted in a title company but, most importantly, a partnership they can depend on.

How does your business contribute to the local community? Are there any social or environmental initiatives you support or participate in?

We love supporting local businesses. We think it is not only important to keep our communities strong but also to be a valuable resource to our clients. This is especially true when someone first moves to Texas and is not familiar with the area. That is why we are dedicated to raising awareness of local events and businesses that our staff highly recommends on both our website and social media pages. We want to be the title company you can depend on even after you sign on the dotted line on closing day. 

When we are not promoting local businesses and events, you can often find our Founder, Lisa Bloskas, attending and supporting local animal shelters or gathering the office together to donate items for a local Christmas charity drive for underprivileged kids. 

Can you share a memorable success story or a positive customer experience that highlights the impact of your business?

We closed a multi-million dollar property the day before Christmas Eve. There were several heirs to the property, and half of it was being sold as a residential property, and the other half as a commercial property, so coordinating all of the necessary signers together to sign the closing documents was a bit like herding cats, especially so close to Christmas Eve.

We ended up getting all the documents back around 9 PM that night, and our dedicated team stayed late in the evening to input the docs and send them to the necessary lenders so they had them officially back in their inboxes before Christmas Eve for compliance purposes. It was wonderful to see how the team rallied together and stayed well after normal business hours to serve our clients.

How can potential customers find you online or offline?

Office Address: 2001 Auburn Hills Pkwy #303, McKinney, TX 75071
Phone: 972-515-2946

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