Cypher Launches First AI-Powered Copilot for Educators

Graham Glass

Plano-based CYPHER Learning has launched CYPHER Copilot, a new platform that empowers teachers and instructors to create comprehensive, engaging, and gamified courses and assessments more quickly.

CYPHER Learning is a leading modern learning platform for businesses and academia.

Since the courses and assessments are automatically aligned to specific competencies, everyone involved in the learning process benefits from “a fine-grained approach” that supports personalized learning, CYPHER said.

“Competency based learning unlocks the potential for personalized learning—the holy grail of skills development. Yet until now, it’s just not been possible at scale,” CYPHER Learning CEO Graham Glass said in a statement.

Founder grew frustrated by lengthy course prep while teaching at UT Dallas

A 1985 computer science graduate of UT Dallas, Glass went on to be a senior lecturer at UTD from 1988 to 1990,  teaching classes in things like UNIX, Smalltalk, and Programming Languages. But he grew frustrated at the amount of time it took to create courses and longed to spend more time teaching—planting the seed for his 2006 founding of CYPHER Learning.

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