What Is the Healthiest County in Texas?

Photo by Terje Sollie via Pexels

The University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute’s county health ranking suggests that North Texans are among the healthiest individuals in the state. On top is Collin County. 

An annual ranking from the university identifies the healthiest and least healthy counties in each state to help officials decide where to invest resources.

Collin County ranked first in the state for health outcomes such as length and quality of life. It also ranked first for health factors such as health behaviors, clinical care, socioeconomic factors and more.

Health behaviors refer to health-oriented practices, also including dietary habits and physical activity, which can have positive or negative effects on the health of individuals or the wider community. The choices individuals make in terms of their health behaviors are often influenced by the availability of resources in the places where they reside, study, work, or engage in leisure activities.

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