Plano City Council Approves Ward 1 Alderman Mark Swoboda

Plano Ward One Alderman Mark Swoboda

Plano Ward One Alderman Mark Swoboda is again being appointed to the job. The Plano City Council on Monday voted to approve the appointment. Swoboda abstained.

Swoboda had initially decided not to run, citing big life changes such as having a new baby at home, his fifth child, and being switched to an overnight shift at his job as a police officer. In a statement to WSPY, Swoboda says he was concerned about who he would have held back from the job if he decided to run.

No one else filed to run for the seat, and Swoboda says that over time, some of his concerns about serving on the council were relieved as his new baby began sleeping through the night. Swoboda also says that his new overnight shift actually works out quite well for allowing him family time.

Since no one filed to run, Swoboda decided to put his name up for consideration by Mayor Mike Rennels and was again selected for the job. Swoboda will be sworn-in, along with other new and reelected city aldermen, at the May 8th city council meeting.

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